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London Party Walls deal with both residential and commercial party wall issues.
We can take the worry out of administering or responding to the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

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We are specialist Party Wall Surveyors in London who deal with both residential and commercial party wall issues.

Once one of our party wall surveyors is appointed, London Party Walls can take the burden out of applying the Party Wall ect. Act 1996 for the proposed scheme and they can advise on;-

  • Rights and duties of the property owner carrying out the work
  • Rights and duties of the property owner adjoining the work
  • Type of Notice(s) which require to be served/need to have been received
  • What should/should not be included within the Notice(s)
  • What documentation should accompany the Notice(s)
  • On whom the Notice(s) should be served
  • Dealing with 'disputes' as defined by the Act
  • Appointing a surveyor on behalf of the adjoining owner where appointment not made or ‘refused’ by adjoining owner
  • Agreeing selection of a Third Surveyor with counterpart
  • Clarifying what should be done if a Counter-Notice is served
  • Agreeing compensation (where damaged caused by the adjoining works and repairs are not to be carried out OR where an existing party wall has been enclosed upon) with surveyor(s) appointed by adjoining owner(s)
  • Taking Schedules of Condition of adjoining properties
  • Executing procedures where access is unavailable/denied for the taking of Schedules
  • Dealing with security of expenses, accounting for work carried out and settlement of the account
  • Agreeing Party Wall and/or Foundation (including that of piling) Awards with surveyors appointed by adjoining owners
  • Publishing of Awards and advising of rights to appeal the Award
  • Advising on matters where an Award is to be appealed in a Magistrates Court
  • Compiling Addendum Awards as necessary where changes in scheme design have taken place and they impinge on the party wall/structure
  • Executing Third Surveyor submissions
  • Checking original Schedules of Condition upon completion of the works and dealing with issues of any damage
  • Extinguishing of Awards
  • Liaising with the structural engineer and/or architect/designer during progress of the works in the matter of detailing where these come within the ambit of the Act

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Party Wall Services for Professionals

Party Wall Services for Professionals