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London Party Walls are London Surveyors who deal with both residential and commercial party wall issues. We can take the worry out of administering or responding to the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

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Once one of our London surveyors is appointed they will be able to deal with either serving or responding to a Notice served under the provisions of the Act in an efficient and proactive manner.

The Act requires that the person executing the following general types of work is required to serve notice on all adjoining owners:-


  • Work to an existing party wall (a wall which separates two or more buildings or is part of one building and is to be enclosed upon, reduced in height or affected by the proposed works)
  • Work to an existing structure shared with another property including floors between flats
  • Work to a party fence wall (not part of a building and is astride the boundary eg. a brick garden wall BUT not a timber fence)
  • Construction of a free-standing wall astride or up to the line of a boundary
  • Construction of a wall forming part of a building and being astride or up the line of a boundary
  • Underpinning and piled foundations
  • Excavations near a neighbouring building where the excavations are below the foundations of a another building or structure
  • Work within flats where separating walls and/or floors (as party structures) are to be perforated by the proposed work


By way of example some typical works to party walls/structures/fences are;-

  • inserting a damp proof course
  • provision of beam bearings and beams (loft conversions, taking down dividing walls)
  • raising a party wall
  • lowering a party wall (minimum height of 2 metres applies)
  • increasing the thickness of a party wall
  • cutting off projections where they interfere with the proposed works
  • taking down chimney breasts and/or chimney stacks on the party wall
  • extension of chimney stacks where the existing are affected by the proposals
  • demolishing and the rebuilding of a party wall
  • underpinning of a party wall
  • cutting into a party wall or wall to insert roof flashings
  • providing weathering to a party wall/structure where it is to be exposed as a consequence of the works

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Party Wall Services for Individuals

Party Wall Services for Individuals